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Supporting the development of a comprehensive radio service for visually impaired people in China


 interview on location


Since 2005 China Vision has been instrumental in supporting the setting-up of a radio training and production centre in Beijing, run for and by visually impaired people across the whole of China. We have worked closely with a group of young visually impaired and disabled people who, in March 2006, formed themselves into the Beijing One Plus One Cultural Exchange Centre (see http://oneplusone.org.cn ). From 2006-08 China Vision’s Chair, Stephen Hallett, worked as Project Director of the BBC World Service Trust, running a UK Big Lottery funded project entitled ‘In Touch for China’ (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/trust/whatwedo/where/asia/china/2008/0... ) implemented by Beijing One Plus One. The project was successfully completed in April 2008. Since then China Vision has continued this work, raising funding for a new project entitled ‘China: Enabling the Disabled’ which is currently being implemented by Beijing One Plus One. China Vision supports and monitors this work. Our main aim is to help make essential information available to all visually impaired people and their families in China, enabling them to broaden their horizons and take control of their lives.



Supporting and monitoring ‘Mobile Advice Clinics’ run for disabled people in the Chinese countryside


mobile advice clinic


China Vision has helped to innovate and support the running of ‘Mobile Advice Clinics’ (MACs) for blind, partially sighted and other disabled people in poor parts of the Chinese countryside. Since 2006 Beijing One Plus One has run over 20 MACs in Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Liaoning, providing basic information and counseling to over 1,000 disabled people and their families. The MACs were an intrinsic element of the BBC World Service Trust’s project ‘In Touch for China’ (2006-08) and China Vision continues to support this work through the project ‘China: Enabling the Disabled’ (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/trust/asiapacific/story/2007/06/070607... )



Supporting an online magazine containing Chinese translations of articles on disability from across the world


China Vision supports the production of a twice monthly online magazine entitled ‘Talang’ (Treading Waves), mainly containing articles about visual disability and special needs education originating from western publications and translated into Chinese (see  http://www.mangren.org/?action-viewnews-itemid-117 )


For editions of ‘Talang’ please see http://oneplusone.org.cn/im.asp



Facilitating training for visually impaired photographers in Beijing


non-visual photography


In June 2009 China Vision worked with the British NGO PhotoVoice and Beijing One Plus One to run a workshop with blind and partially-sighted photographers in Beijing. This project, entitled ‘Sights Unseen’ resulted in several photography exhibitions in the capital and has attracted growing interest in the idea of non-visual photography. China Vision and One Plus One are planning further workshops in Beijing and other parts of China. (see http://dsi.britishcouncil.org.cn/events/20090526/411.jsp )


For examples of the photographers’ work, please see: http://tinyurl.com/yz5eus8









Facilitating UK scholarships for visually impaired teachers from China


In 2000 we facilitated a scholarship, generously granted by the Sino-British Fellow Fellowship Trust, for a blind teacher from Inner Mongolia, Mr. Ye Zijie, to come to the UK to study for six months. During this time he studied English, IT, life skills and special education at Dorton College (Royal London Society for the Blind) at Sevenoaks, Kent. After completing his course Mr. Ye returned to his teaching post at Hohhot Special Education School. China Vision has since maintained close contact with him, supporting his work in a variety of ways. China Vision has also benefited from Mr. Ye’s profound knowledge of visual impairment and disability in China.


In 2001 China Vision facilitated further scholarships for two visually impaired teachers, one head teacher and an interpreter from the Tai’an Ren’ai Rehabilitation in Shandong, to study English, IT, life skills and special education at Dorton College for a period of three months.



Providing Braille and other English language reading materials to blind individuals and schools in China


Since 2000 a wide range of Braille magazines, published in the UK and the US, have been donated to China Vision by visually impaired people throughout the UK. We have regularly sent these materials to blind learners of English throughout China. A large resource of English language Braille books and magazines is now stored at the Beijing One Plus  One Centre and is available to readers in China on request.


Children's books in print/Braille format have been sent to Tai'an School for the Blind, Shandong Province, where they form a small library of books to be used by students learning English.



Sending “use it again” equipment from the UK to visually impaired people and schools in China.


‘Use it Again’ is a service which collects used equipment from visually impaired individuals and institutions in the UK, and recycles it for users in developing countries. China Vision has provided Perkins Braillers (Braille typewriters), white canes, laptops and other equipment to Tai'an  School for the Blind, Golden Key Center, Hohhot Special Education School and the Hongdandan Cultural Exchange Center.