About Us

radio journalist of Beijing 1+1 Sound Studio


China Vision was set up in 1999 by a group of individuals concerned about the lives and development of blind and partially-sighted people in China. Our trustees and members include specialists in Chinese affairs, disability and the broadcasting media. China Vision is a UK-registered charity.



China Vision works for the improvement of educational and employment opportunities for blind and other disabled people in China by:

  •         Forming people-to-people links between the UK and China
  •         Providing information and equipment for visually impaired people in China 
  •         Supporting individuals and organizations working to enhance the rights of disabled people in China



Since we set up China Vision in 1999 we have:

  •        Facilitated UK scholarships for visually impaired teachers from Inner Mongolia and Shandong
  •        Provided Braille and other English language reading materials to blind individuals and schools in China
  •        Sent “use it again” equipment from the UK to visually impaired people in China
  •        Supported the development of a comprehensive radio service for visually impaired people in China
  •        Support and monitored ‘Mobile Advice Clinics’ run for disabled people in the Chinese countryside
  •        Supported an online magazine containing Chinese translations of articles on disability from across the world
  •        Facilitated training for visually impaired photographers in Beijing